Holiday Lights for
Every Day


​Independence Day


Game Day

What will you

  • ​Super Bowl
  • ​Valentine's Day
  • ​Chinese New Year
  • ​Mardi Gras
  • ​March Madness
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • ​Earth Day
  • ​Cinco de Mayo
  • ​Independence Day
  • Kids' ​Game Days!
  • ​Halloween
  • ​Block Parties
  • ​Pride Week
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • ​Birthday Parties
  • ​Hanukkah
  • ​Christmas
  • ​New Year
  • ​Kwanzaa

Loaded with over 50 patterns

  • ​Sparkling Stars
  • ​Chasing Colors​​​​
  • Animated Explosions
  • Lightning Effects
  • Strobe
  • ​KITT from Knight Rider on your garage

Easily controlled from your phone

Leave your lights up year-round

Brightly is virtually invisible when turned off


  • ​Every color whenever you want
  • ​Hang once and never hang again
  • ​Use year-round
  • ​Controlled by ​phone app
  • plus-circle
  • plus-circle
    ​Excitement about next ​holiday

vs. Custom Lights

  • ​One color at a time
  • ​Install and take down every year
  • ​Use for one month
  • ​Controlled by plugging in
  • minus-circle
    ​Watch the weather carefully
  • minus-circle
    ​End of December blues

Use Year-Round

Unlike regular holiday lights, Brightly is designed to be used year-round.  Brightly keeps the lights unnoticeable until you decide to turn them on.


Low-power LEDs ​use less energy for your entire roofline than a single traditional lightbulb.

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